Walker - a short film by Eero Heinonen

Philosophical short film set in Nepal Himalaya. It asks the questions of existence and searches for the ultimate happiness in our brave new world.

Walker is an independent 2012 short movie set in Himalayan mountains and urban India. It tells a story of a young seeker of truth, who is on a journey to find the ultimate happiness or a fulfilling experience of present moment. It’s the fictional debut of Eero Heinonen, a finnish musician-director.

It is an impressionist and meditative portrayal of a young man’s journey to Nepal and India. The main character, played by Leo Honkonen, travels through scenic places, meeting people, seeking for his Self and for an experience of the present moment, without the hurry and obsessions of everyday life.
Beautifully shot, this film casts the audience into another world, leaving them with the feeling of wonder and want to travel -- although the main character’s journey is not an easy one.
Walker is a movie that reflects the questions of existence and good, balanced life. Why is our modern life so busy? Why is it difficult to be in the present moment with full attention and focus? Why does the mind wonder? These are the questions audience can reflect upon, without being given answers directly.

Tero (Leo Honkonen), a young Finnish man, walks across Nepal and India. After exploring the Nepalese Himalayas, he takes a train down to India. There he meets Michelle (Poornima Kirby), another Westerner - A meeting over a cup of chai that changes his journey in every way.


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