Time to Burn

Fear of the dark tears me apart
won`t leave me alone and time keeps running out

Just one more life, I`m so sick and tired
of singing the blues, I should turn my life around

Tell me why do I feel this way
all my life I`ve been standing on the borderline
too many bridges burned
too many lies I`ve heard
I had life but I can`t go back
I can`t do that, it will never be the same again
and I know I don`t
have any time to burn

they follow me home, disturbing my sleep
but I`ll find a place, place where they cannot find me
maybe I`m lost, and maybe I`m scared
but too many times I`ve closed the doors behind me

leave it all behind
cross the borderline
face the truth, don`t have any time to...
don`t have any time to burn


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