The Rasmus

The Rasmus is a finish band founded in 1994. In 2003 The Rasmus has international sucess with their album “Dead Letters”. The Music of The Rasmus is alternative rock with some dark sound and a fantastic melody. In the beginning ofThe Rasmus played some cover cover songs from Metallica, Radio Head and Nirvana. They played in a school for some people. The first kind of music was Funkymetal. In 1996 they get her first record label. In 1996 The Rasmus released their first album “Peep”. Just one year later they released “Playboys” in 1997. One year later The Rasmus finished their third Album “Hell of a Tester” (1998). All three albums were in the top 20 at the Finnish charts. The Single “Ice” and “LiquidThe Rasmus get their first single triumph.

In 2001 they released their first international album “Into”. This album was in Finland a long player. The Rasmus got with the Single “F-F-F-Falling” and “Heartbreaker“ a top positions at the charts. That was the start for go big in Europe. Lauri Ylönen (Vocals) , Pauli Rantasalmi(Guitar), Eero Heinonen(Bassist) and Aki Hakala (Drums) are The Rasmus. In 2001 Janne Heiskanenleaves the band and Aki replace him. “Dead Letter” was in Germany, Austria and Swiss top 1. In France, England and all the Scandinavian countries was the album it in the top 10.The Rasmus is one of the best bands from Finland.

Hide from the Sun” (2006) was one album with the darkest sounds of the band. With this album has The Rasmus rock Europe and some east countries. Black Roses form 2008 was a special album. The guys written a book with a story then their beginning to create lyrics and the sounds for this album. It was create with Desmond Child a very popular producer. In 2012 they released her album “The Rasmus” and her next album will follow in 2014. The last album was more pop.Lauri Ylönen said he had created a new kind of music - dead pop. The last songs are beautiful with soft sound and some dark sides at the lyrics.

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