If I could be the king of this planet
I would order some more.
Making rules is not the easiest part of it,
That`s a thing that I know.

Can see the mess,
Which has caused so much trouble.
Then I guess that it`s
Poison which bubbles.
I`ll say it loud,
That I`m not proud
About this kind of situation.

Asking for help from the assholes with power
Is one way to betray.
See trashes coming double an hour.
Scaring, I would say.

Human race will be judged by the Devil.
That`s the last thing I want.
To face destiny `n` choke in this reef.
Be crushed, you`re so weak.

Keep laughing to the end of my world.
I know Im feeling so small,
Don`t shame it at all,
With pleasure I tell you my friend.

Keep laughing to the end of my world.
But it`s here and it`s now,
I`m gonna tell you somehow,
Then I won`t say even a word.


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