Mr. Quicksand


falling asleep, living a lie and pretend that you`re mine
wasting my time, i never cried as my life goes by
you left me behind, i know the truth
you will never come back
you dissapeared, in to the night
painted my world black

mr. quicksand

its under your feet, follow the road
that what keeps me down
what took you so long , habit the truth
falling from your mouth
free yourself, leave this land,
let go of my hand
consequences with an action
overthrow where distraction stands

mr. quicksand

im so alone when you`re away
you never told me why
i close my eyes and turn away
hand lonely waves goodbye



released 04 December 2013 
Music&Lyrics By Pauli Rantasalmi
 Performed By DgtlNative

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