Lauri Ylönen - New Single: A New Day - Release: 07.08.2015

He was this summer in Helsinki and has a souvenier for from america. Lauri will release on friday (07.08.2015) a new single named "A New Day" with a lyric video. The single is produced by Lester Mendez, a top producer. He has cooperate with Shakira, Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado, Carlos Santana, Macy Gray ja Enrique Iglesias. Lauri Ylönen has wroten this single for a other artist, but he used it now for himself.

Lauri Ylönen:
- The Year in America has been the best thing since a long time. I gained new perspectives and dimensions, as well as the music that my personal life. I fell in love this song so much that it had to be release it.

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Translation of the inteview by Radio Alto

Lauri today at Radio Alto continuing with his new single promotions! Here is a translation of the text from Google. (Not great, but you can get the idea!) (Also Finnish Interview in the Link) LAURI ISLAND LEHTO

Lauri Lehto The island is the City of Rauma. He speaks of Finland, too, if necessary.

Lauri is the coolest radio man, always wearing a jacket and accessories, which are the right way a little ahead of the latest trends in fashion trends.

Most music from your working day plays Luigi listens to rap music for yourself French, Swedish humppa and asks to rasittavuuksiin when it is the new muse (or Kent), the disc will be forthcoming.

Lauri is the guy who organizes afternoon keksituokioita and remember to surprise colleagues cakes whenever one of the royal spawned somewhere in the known world. Although these events called only carefully planned and selected colleagues. He also kindly notify in advance to work and home, which Love and Anarchy Films, he will go and see and how many days he is not worth pursuing.

If you meet a mesmerizing smile on his face Laurin, peek over your shoulder. You will notice that his or her computer screen is a sea map, where you can keep track of routes and locations of ships in real time. Lauri has at heart the sea bear, the captain and gentleman who has sailed the seven seas imagination, build up the treasure of their catch retrodigirannekelloillaan and finally found the home port of Radio Aalto.

Translated by The Rasmus Ireland and Scotland


Today Lauri went from radio station to radiostation an presentation the new song. Now you will find all Links bellow:

- Lauri was also on Voice. Here you can vothe for the song ( "Kyllä" = good song) So lets do this.


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