Pauli Rantasalmi is the guitarist of the Rasmus band. He start the Project "DGTLnative" in 2013. He has release with the band three Songs:

  • Amber Eyes
  • Destiny
  • Mr. Quicksand
  • Underwater

The Songs are written by himself. In These Songs is Pauli´s voice at the Background. Pauli plan to release a CD  but they are looking for a record Label. The CD will be called "Born Digital" in the future. The band is from Singapore and Finland.

More Information about his Project DGTLnative will follow in future on his Website. Some Pictures from the Project can you found on his Facebook Site.

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Interview with Pauli Rantasalmi about DGTLnative



1.) What is the reason for starting your solo project? Was there a situation where you think that is the right moment to start your own project or was you inspired by Lauri to start your project?

- There has always been bits and pieces that i felt has "something", that never found home on any of my projects. I started to have fun in the studio with friends and jam these ideas and i started to get deeper and the pieces started to form to songs. "perhaps the band should have been called "The Leftovers" - haha!!! ;)

Yeah, so we really started from leftovers and then more and more new music started to pour from the inspirations.

I also wanted to use some bits from already released songs, that had completely different vibe at the moment of creation. For example "amber eyes" was first to come with the guitar part and verse that turned in to The Rasmus "mysteria". I listened both of the songs and felt that they are made from the same root, but oh , so different and it would be sad if people would never hear them both. there is more coming of this type soon :)

2.) In which way do you find your lyrics? Is the music in your head before you start to write a song or have you a thought about a sitatuion and then you start write lyrics?


had the story of childrens imagination first then then translated to music around the lyrics. - i was in Finland at summer cottage and watched my son play with his cousins and there was so many monsters, heros and princesses and so many other things that only kids can see. its so beautiful how kids can create complete imaginary world in any situation... :)


I was watching documentary about Donald Crowhurst and was inspired to write the "pacific" - music to his story. I was pondering about the lyrics and surfing the net to read more about him and i found his log books. i decided to use lines straight from his writings. its lunatic lyrics, just as he became one :)

Amber Eyes

The music and the lyrics came at the same time to this one. Story roots in to native American poetry.

3.) Mr. Quicksand was your first video. How did you feel on your first video when it was created? Is it an other feeling as in a band to create a video?

- jump to answer 7. :)

4.) Now your music is available on dgtlnative.bandcamp.com. How have you find this page?

- Its nice to be able to provide fans the good quality audio files. Its the 1st time i try this kind of webpage service, so i dont know much about it or how it actually works yet.

5.) Do you know what think the bandmembers of the Rasmus about your solo project? Do Aki, Eero and Lauri support you and in which way?

We are like brothers, we all have our own projects separately also. Eero has already been priceless support.

6.) You plan to release your CD if you have found a record Label. Is there any News about the status of your CD?

- Ive been now enjoying the complete freedom of any kind of label or other decision making than my absolute own :) Ofcourse now this is all super small now, so hopefully in the future we could find a way to promoto the band more, so people can find it more easily.

7.) Your videos are very professional and looks very good. Lauri make his videos with Dream Media, have you a official Director too or a good friend with the know how to make your videos?

oh thank you, DGTL videos are very different from commercial professional videos.
Our video

budget is basically 0€ but we try to provide food for the friends whos helping us :)
I (Pauli) have written all the video ideas and i have also been the cinematographer shooting and directing the videos.
With exeption of "mr.quicksand" which Eero (the rasmus) shot and co-directed with me. (a trillion thanks to Eero!!!)

8.) Can you tell us about your 4th video?

- I love the song and i cant wait to release it to hear your opinion ! hopefully the video comes out ok also... I try to get it ready as soon as possible :)


Special thanks to Pauli for make this Interview.

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